1. Panoramic Extra-Oral Film 400 Speed Green Film
    Panoramic Extra-Oral Film 400 Speed Green Film

    Our selection of extra-oral dental film can be used for all panoramic, TMJ, and cephalometric dental applications. Boasting superb image quality and high resolution with no loss of film speed 3D Dental guarantees our top quality film. Our Panoramic Extra-Oral Film is a Green sensitive, high-contrast, 400-speed system when used with LANEX Regular or EV Screens. These come in two sizes.

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  2. Intraoral F-Speed Film
    Intraoral F-Speed Film

    3D Dental's I21 Insight film is the standard for intraoral imaging.  A true F-speed film, our film provides excellent and consistent image quality through T-Grain emulsion technology and requires up to 60% less radiation per exposure. Our Insight film features reduced radiation exposure, infection control, short exposure time and incredible image quality.

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  3. Visionary lntraoral D Speed Film
    Visionary lntraoral D Speed Film

    3D Dental's D-Speed Film allows you to make a precise and exact diagnosis. Our flagship film - A high-quality and contrast D-Speed film that provides superior images.

    Allows for short exposure and uses a traditional radiographic system.

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