1. Dual Fluoride Trays
    Dual Fluoride Trays

    Our convenient and comfortable Dual Fluoride Trays were created with a Typodont design to reduce overflow and provide even coverage to all surfaces.

    These come with removable tabs for fast and simple clean up.

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  2. Dream Fluoride Varnish
    Dream Fluoride Varnish

    The simple one-step paint-on process provides immediate and long-lasting results. It helps relieve sensitivities and protects your teeth.

    The fluoride varnish goes on clear, with no yellow discoloration making it truly a dream.

    3D's Fluoride Varnish (5%) comes in 0.4 mL Unit Doses with brush and paste on one tray. 

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  3. Dream Fluoride Gel
    Dream Fluoride Gel

    3D Dental's Fluoride Gels are an economical and quick application for fluoride treatment. Our gel is a 60-second acidulated phosphate fluoride that contains 1.23% fluoride ion. The low pH provides maximum fluoride uptake in less than 60 seconds and the improved thixotropic properties ensure closer adherence to enamel and interproximal areas. Our Fluoride Gel thickens during treatment to prevent patient gagging. The gel is offered in many different flavors for optimized patient comfort with no bitter aftertaste following application.

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  4. Fluoride Oral Rinse
    Fluoride Oral Rinse

    2% Neutral Sodium Fluoride Rinse

    Dye free.

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