Misc. Accessories

  1. Retainer Boxes
    Retainer Boxes

    The Essentials Retainer Boxes are 1 inch deep and formed as one solid piece. These feature a solid locking mechanism with no drain holes. Each 12 pack comes in 6 different colors for your cosideration.

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  2. Denture Boxes
    Denture Boxes

    Denture storage boxes make an excellent container for patients with dentures or other dental work, such as a dental mouthguard. Easily  fits any  size denture.

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  3. Bibs Clips
    Bibs Clips
    Sturdy, attractive and durable, our autoclavable Bib Clips are chrome-plated, made with a strong spring and are finely finished with clear plastic sleeves. 
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  4. Non -Chill Bib Clips
    Non -Chill Bib Clips

    3D Dental introduces a cool new operatory aid. Non-Chill,  Non-StretcBib Clips. These fun colored bib clips are autoclavable, chemiclavable and resistant to dry heat sterilization. These silicone bib clips  are warm  to the patients neck  and won't snag hair. Available in 3 packs of these exciting colors . Blue, Purple, Green, Yellow, Red, and Peach. Upgrade  your patient experience by switching to these  fresh, new bib clips!

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  5. Mixing Sticks
    Mixing Sticks
    Our Mixing Sticks come with one square and one rounded tip and are made from latex free white plastic. These are disposable for improved infection control or alternatively can be Autoclaved up to 270 degrees  

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  6. Mixing Pads
    Mixing Pads

    Tear-off, disposable coated sheets allow for  easy hand­ mixing of dental materials

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  7. Mixing Wells
    Mixing Wells

    The Essentials disposable mixing wells are made from a high molecular weight polymer and can be used with all dental materials. 

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  8.  Post Mounted EZ Leaf Shape Tray for Dental Unit
    Post Mounted EZ Leaf Shape Tray for Dental Unit
    Post mounted white utility tray. This 13 x 10 utility tray is specifically designed with contoured edges to contain spills and materials.. This versatile EZ Tray fits posts of 1 3/8" to 2 1/2" in diameter.
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  9. Digital Dental Amalgamator, Amalgam Capsule Mixer
    Digital Dental Amalgamator, Amalgam Capsule Mixer
    3D Dental's Amalgamator makes mixing amalgam capsules simple and consistent. It features high energy output while at the same time maintaining silence with low vibrations. Extremely accurate with consistent trituration, 3D Dental's Amalgamator has a multi-use mixer for alloy and glass ionomer capsules. Features a 1-16 second user programmable timer. Learn More