1. Joy Bulk-fil Universal Composite
    Joy Bulk-fil Universal Composite

    Joy Bulk Fill Flowable composite is quick, easy and safe to use without compromising physical properties that doesn’t require a final occlusal layer!

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  2. Joy-Fil Flowable Composite Refill
    Joy-Fil Flowable Composite Refill

    3D Dental's Joy-Fil Flowable Composite Refills are available in 18 shades. Some of their benefits and features are a high compressive strength, radiopaque, fluoride releasing, and low shrinkage. These are highly polishable esthetic composites used for all different types of cavity preparation.

    These are an ideal choice for both anterior and posterior applications. As well as ideal for filling in cervical gaps caused by receding gums and toothbrush erosion and for repairing small defects. All shades are 2 grams and come in packs of 4.

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  3. JoyFil Nano Hybrid Universal Composite
    JoyFil Nano Hybrid Universal Composite

    Joy-Fil brings a unique resin composite technology with the most advanced Nano filler elements to the market. This special product brings unparalleled value to every Dentist and is available in refills syringes and capsules. Joy-Fil adapts well to cavity preparations and is so supple during placement. It can be contoured easily prior to curing and has the perfect degree of stickiness. Polishes and finishes to a high luster and are fluoride releasing. This 4.5 star rated and tested product provides stunning aestheticss at an incredible price.

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