Bond & Etch

  1. Joy Desensitizer
    Joy Desensitizer

     Relieves pain caused by hypersensitivity. Provides a fast and effective way of sealing off dentinal tubules by combining with proteins and forming a physiologic barrier of protection. 

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  2. Joy-Etch Etchant Gel
    Joy-Etch Etchant Gel

    3D Dental's Etchant Gel is formulated for maximum working and handling characteristics. Our Etchant Gel is designed to stay in place and not run onto exposed tissue. These are easy to wash off and come as pre-bent applicator tips for precise placement.

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  3. Joy-Bond

    Joy -Bond is an exciting new offering to dental offices. A classic 5th generation hydrophilic bond that's easy to use and incorporates a primer and bonding resin in one bottle. Joy -Bond requires no mixing, minimizes leakage and reduces secondary caries. Joy-Bond creates a very effective chemical bond between Dentin/Enamel and all restorative materials. This light curing one step adhesive is a true Joy to use.

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