1. Joy Polishing Discs
    Joy Polishing Discs

    Joy Polishing Discs are flexible and are coated with aluminum oxide for scaling, buffing, and polishing of composite 

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  2. Joy Tooth Shade Guide
    Joy Tooth Shade Guide

    Provides the 16 popular shades 

    A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4 ,B1, B2, B3, B4

    C1, C2, C3, C4 D2,D3,D4

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  3. Joyfil Composite Instrument
    Joyfil Composite Instrument
    JOYFIL Composite Plastic Filling Introvert Instrument Double End  #4 with titanium coated tips for smoother working time.
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  4. Joy-Gloss Finishing and Polishing Systems
    Joy-Gloss Finishing and Polishing Systems

    Joy-Gloss provides the most cost effective and efficient single step system leaving a smooth high gloss finish without paste.

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  5. Joy Desensitizer
    Joy Desensitizer

     Relieves pain caused by hypersensitivity. Provides a fast and effective way of sealing off dentinal tubules by combining with proteins and forming a physiologic barrier of protection. 

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  6. Capsule Dispenser Gun
    Capsule Dispenser Gun

    3D Dental's Capsule Dispenser Gun gives you just great leverage when placing your  everyday composite,  resins, cements,  glass  iono­mers . Allows for easy loading of all standard material capsules. Plastic construction is steam and chemical autoclavable up  to 240°  F

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