Joy= Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry

From our Nano-Hybrid Composites to Bonding and so much more, our Laboratories work zealously to provide the best combination of aesthetics and performance.


  1. Joy Polishing Discs
    Joy Polishing Discs

    Joy Polishing Discs are flexible and are coated with aluminum oxide for scaling, buffing, and polishing of composite 

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  2. Joy Bulk-fil Universal Composite
    Joy Bulk-fil Universal Composite

    Joy Bulk Fill Flowable composite is quick, easy and safe to use without compromising physical properties that doesn’t require a final occlusal layer!

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  3. Joy-Gloss Finishing and Polishing Systems
    Joy-Gloss Finishing and Polishing Systems

    Joy-Gloss provides the most cost effective and efficient single step system leaving a smooth high gloss finish without paste.

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  4. Joy-Cal          Calcium Hydroxide Paste  CA(OH)2
    Joy-Cal Calcium Hydroxide Paste CA(OH)2

    Joy-cal radiopaque calcium hydroxide paste is another new exciting product launch from 3D–Dental. Joy-Cal is a superb self -setting cavity liner and pulp capping agent with the perfect amount of rigidity. It effectively seals dentinal tubes and protects the pulp thereby eliminating chemical and thermal sensitivity. Additionally, it insulates the dentin and pulp from acid contents in cements and restoratives with its inherent protective barrier. The sensational flow ability of Joy-Cal provides uniform coverage and perfected placement in the preparation and will not adversely affect polymerization of composites. We are so excited to bring another fantastic product to the Joy family! 

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  5. JoyFil Nano Hybrid Universal Composite
    JoyFil Nano Hybrid Universal Composite

    Joy-Fil brings a unique resin composite technology with the most advanced Nano filler elements to the market. This special product brings unparalleled value to every Dentist and is available in refills syringes and capsules. Joy-Fil adapts well to cavity preparations and is so supple during placement. It can be contoured easily prior to curing and has the perfect degree of stickiness. Polishes and finishes to a high luster and are fluoride releasing. This 4.5 star rated and tested product provides stunning aestheticss at an incredible price.

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  6. Joy-Fil Flowable Composite Refill
    Joy-Fil Flowable Composite Refill

    3D Dental's Joy-Fil Flowable Composite Refills are available in 18 shades. Some of their benefits and features are a high compressive strength, radiopaque, fluoride releasing, and low shrinkage. These are highly polishable esthetic composites used for all different types of cavity preparation.

    These are an ideal choice for both anterior and posterior applications. As well as ideal for filling in cervical gaps caused by receding gums and toothbrush erosion and for repairing small defects. All shades are 2 grams and come in packs of 4.

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  7. Joy-Alloy

    The Joy-Alloy amalgam is a spherical lathe cut blended amalgam alloy (Type III) with full 40% silver content. It provides excellent stability, enhanced corrosion resistance and  reduced ditching
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  8. Joy-Bond

    Joy -Bond is an exciting new offering to dental offices. A classic 5th generation hydrophilic bond that's easy to use and incorporates a primer and bonding resin in one bottle. Joy -Bond requires no mixing, minimizes leakage and reduces secondary caries. Joy-Bond creates a very effective chemical bond between Dentin/Enamel and all restorative materials. This light curing one step adhesive is a true Joy to use.

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  9. Joy Z-Cem
    Joy Z-Cem
    Joy-Z Zinc Oxide Eugenol Reinforced Cement Kit
    An intermediate restorative material. Easy to apply, adheres well to dentin and is non-irritating.
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  10. Joy Desensitizer
    Joy Desensitizer

     Relieves pain caused by hypersensitivity. Provides a fast and effective way of sealing off dentinal tubules by combining with proteins and forming a physiologic barrier of protection. 

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  11. Joy Tooth Shade Guide
    Joy Tooth Shade Guide

    Provides the 16 popular shades 

    A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4 ,B1, B2, B3, B4

    C1, C2, C3, C4 D2,D3,D4

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  12. Capsule Dispenser Gun
    Capsule Dispenser Gun

    3D Dental's Capsule Dispenser Gun gives you just great leverage when placing your  everyday composite,  resins, cements,  glass  iono­mers . Allows for easy loading of all standard material capsules. Plastic construction is steam and chemical autoclavable up  to 240°  F

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  13. Joyfil Composite Instrument
    Joyfil Composite Instrument
    JOYFIL Composite Plastic Filling Introvert Instrument Double End  #4 with titanium coated tips for smoother working time.
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  14. Joy-Etch Etchant Gel
    Joy-Etch Etchant Gel

    3D Dental's Etchant Gel is formulated for maximum working and handling characteristics. Our Etchant Gel is designed to stay in place and not run onto exposed tissue. These are easy to wash off and come as pre-bent applicator tips for precise placement.

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