Topical Gel & Needles

Topical Gel & Needles

With a focus on patient safety and comfort, 3D Dental has developed a special offering of products delivering pain-free dentistry.

  1. Comfi-Ject Dental Needles
    Comfi-Ject Dental Needles

    Comfi-Ject's Dental Anesthetic Needles are constructed of stainless steel with a polypropylene hub with aluminum insert.

    The needles are beveled with an arrow indicator to allow for a proper positioning during the injection.

    They come with plastic color-coded and size information on the hub and are threaded to fit most needles securely.

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  2. Candi-Caine Topical Gels
    Candi-Caine Topical Gels

    Candi-Caine Topical Gels are fast acting anesthetic gels delivering maximum strength benzocaine. Available in 7 delicious flavors with no bitter aftertaste. The gel comforts patients with wounds, irritations and provides temporary relief of pain during procedures including injections, periodontal curettage, scaling and intra-oral radiography.
    Available in 1 oz. (30 ml) bottles. Try Candi-Caine topical gels and your patients will thank you for the special care you provide.

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